Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Crewe hits 7

 When I first titled this I wrote that Crewe was turning is 6. Oh how I wish!Crewe turned 7 and we threw him a huge pool party the week before. It was hot and we had lots of friends and family attend. It was a great time. Seven things we dig about Crewe:
1. He still runs. If you ever have been around him for more than a day, you know what I mean.
2. He  jumps and bounces when he plays video games.
3. Crewe is an AWESOME swimmer.
4. He loves books and reading. He has taken to sneaking books to bed with him. I can't bring myself to tell him that I know and don't care.
5. He still lives on grapes and cheese.
6. He is so funny. He has many catch phrases and loves to shout them out, at great points.
7. He is still thoughtful and kind. 
happy birthday


{natalie} said...

happy birthday crewe, it looks like you had a great pool party. how can you be 7 already?

jody said...

What cute pictures and what a fun looking party. You know me I and my love of h20. So fun for the birthday boy and we love him tons!!
I think it is great that he loves to read and thinks he is being tricky reading in bed.