Thursday, September 02, 2010

First of Firsts

Baby Dayne started preschool this week. YES, we still call her Baby Dayne. I like it. And she liked school. We are doing a year of a program at people's homes.  I am a little unsure of the whole thing but figure we will try it. She loved the first day. She told Rich, "The best part? WE ATE RASINS!" 
Crewe started First Grade. First Grade. Why is he getting so big? He goes to school from 8:10 to 2:50. It's too long for my liking but not Crewe's. He told me, "Mom, I miss you. But school is just so fun". Gotta love that. 


brittany said...

cute kids. doesn't first grade feel like such a milestone??

{natalie} said...

wow they are both growing up so fast. dayne's hair looks so cute and wavy.

ps addi wearing that outfit today. i told her next time we should call dayne and they can match via skype.

jody said...

Such cute pictures of the kiddos. Oh it is hard to send them off to school I always hated the first of school but you kids were always excited. I think I need copies of these pictures.

Julie said...

My babies are getting too big!! So glad they like school.