Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Girls Weekends

 I only took 3 pictures from this past weekend. Which sucks, because I had the best time and I wish I had more photos from a GREAT weekend.  We went to Utah this year and it was cold. But the food was so mixed ( we ate Buffalo chicken pizza and went to a French bakery) and delicious ( Moochies for the BEST potato salad in the WORLD). The company was Divine! ( I love getting to pepper my sister-in-laws about the daily details of their lives and their kids). The shopping was good, no black sandals that I looking for but a funky piece of art and a new little clock.

Thanks Mom and Dad! And thanks Rich for taking good care of the kiddos all weekend!

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{natalie} said...

I am happy to see you blogging. It is always so fun to hang out as just us girls. I love it.