Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Things about Baseball and Crewe:
1.  Crewe is playing for the Texas Rangers.
2. He was drafted to play in the Minors.
3. We have been to a MILLION games already. And have a million more. (The season started in Feb and his last game is in June) But loving it!! Dayne is a fantastic cheerleader.
4. He has great Coaches and has truly been learning how to play baseball.  Every game he is getting better.
5. Crewe said to me to the other night, " Mom the best parts are being the pitcher or the catcher." I replied, "Crewe you are great at playing second base. You rock!" 
" Mom, just because I play that position doesn't mean I am good at it."

We disagree buddy. Take us Out to the Ball Game....


{natalie} said...

1. i love that you are blogging again.
2. he is a cute baseball player
3. kade has the shortest season, the month of june.
4. i love watching baseball

Anonymous said...

looks like a young Babe Ruth. The way he wears his hat makes him look like Mike Beaver.

jody said...

You know I like baseball so it makes me so happy that he is playing.
He looks like a stud in his uniform and how about him wearing a hat:) He is so cute.

Get a hit get a hit any ol hit just poke it out there

Julie said...

What a handsome young athlete you have there!