Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She Came. She Danced.

 The big night happened. We had Dayne's dance recital this past weekend. She did such a good job. Dayne kept saying, "I'm so excited. This is going to be AWESOME!" Dayne and her BFF, Bella, were so happy to be in costume, wearing makeup and preparing in for the night in the dressing rooms. When the curtains came up and she hit the stage.... she danced her heart out. No smiles but an earnest face as she worked on her routine. We are so proud of her!! Good Job, Goose!

 The Star is done for the night. She is beat and can perform no more.

The Roses were from one her biggest fans, her Brother. 


Anonymous said...

oh my

{natalie} said...

my favorite part is that she is wearing a robe after the show. kade would love that detail.

she is darling and i love the rosey cheeks. way to go Dayne!

jody said...

love the pictures of the dancer and the dancer!!
she looks so cute and got to wera makeup

Wish I could of seen the show.

Julie said...

Lovely! And what a thoughtful brother!