Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am a BAD mother with a see-thorugh shirt

Today was our playgroups annual ice cream social/swim party. It was too hot to take Dayne so Crewe and I took off with a quest to spend as much time in the pool as possible. We both swam for two hours and had a great time. We came home to find a major siesta going on so WE WENT BACK. This time I didn't want to get in the pool so I let Crewe get into the pool and play/swim around on the steps. I was sitting on the side of the pool when I saw it....Crewe started to drown. It was awful!!! He was just stuck, standing in too deep water gulping air. My friend and I both tried to grab him but no luck. So we both jumped in....in ALL our clothes. Crewe was fine, a little scared but okay. I was shook up but okay. I was however wearing a white shirt. A semi-whore shirt, now was becoming a wet t-shirt contest. Oh, did I mention the capris and shoes that I also had on. I am a bad mom who let her kid in the pool by himself and the world (and all my non-lds friends) could see my personals.

My Crewe Dawg is good. Fine. Wonderful. He is getting ready for bed and after swim lessons this morning and then the swim party for 4 hours, he should sleep hard. I however, am having a harder time. I am bad mom with a see-through shirt.

The Semi-whore/See-through shirt. You can't see the deep V but it is there.


jody said...

Oh sweetheart, don't be so hard on yourself. All is well and CP is fine. You are a good Mom.

Now for the "whore" shirt. Did you do a little dance for the wet t-shirt contest?

Ryan and Brittany said...

You are not a bad mom, i go to my parents all the time and let lily swim while i sit on the side of the pool. very funny though about the see through shirt. you have had a lot of exposing stories this summer!!

Anonymous said...

did you get any singles stuffed down your garments?

*natalie* said...

i hope you won the contest! I'm glad he's ok. and i like that shirt