Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tan today, gone tommrow

I'm not sure if you can tell....but I am CRAZY tan.

Have I spent hours and hours in the sun? No.

Have I spent hours ruining my skin worshipping the sun? No.

Here here the story of the tan of Ashley. It started on a Friday whilst I was wearing DARK chocolate brown shorts. The whiteness of my legs next to this color was AWFUL. Rich and I were at a light in Billings and I saw the way to happiness. "Spray tan of America". Now, I have used tan-less lotion before (I'm quite good at applying and I know the good brands) and I have even done the spray booth before *much like Ross on Friends*. So I walked in and said sign me me up for a gold look. She said okay this way. I went into an empty room...

Wait, where is the booth? Where does the spray shoot from? Where do I stand for 10 SECONDS turn and wait for another 10 SECONDS????

Then the girls follows me into the room. "okay, get undressed. I will be back to start spraying you."

What the $@#%^?!!!!!!

So a woman in Montana has seen me in all my glory. Jokes on her....Who wants to see a fat WHITE girl transform to tan goddess???

Me, that's who.


Ryan & Brittany said...

That is so funny. i laughed out loud!! i would have died. i don't know if i would have been able to do it. good for you!!

*natalie* said...

i'm cracking up!!!! i was thinking in the last pic of you and dayne w/the crown, "jeez she's tan, she must be hanging out at the park with the sprinklers a lot" but this is even better.

it looks really good. were you giggling while she was spraying???

*ethan* said...

so i wonder if it would be the same chick to spray me ?

Anonymous said...

Crazy Tan? More like off whie, maybe eggshell

Kristin said...

I missed you!!! You crack me up, and these days, I really need that kind of laughing therapy.

So when are you coming out to see us?

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

That's hilarious!

jody said...

You look great with a tan and like you said the joke was on the lady at the tan place. I know I couldn't do it. carzy tan becomes you