Monday, July 16, 2007


Dear Grandma,

I miss you. I keep telling my mom and dad that I want to move our house back to "tana". When will you come to see me again?

I also want to say Thank you. Thanks for teaching me new words like "buns" and "naked like a jay bird." All day I discussed my rear side and refused to wear clothes after lunch. I also LOVE that you taught me about poop. It really is great to know about dog poop, people poop (how to pull Tiger's finger) and that my toys poop. Thanks for also teaching me that dinosaurs died because they smoked cigarettes. I will never smoke cigarettes but what do you think about weed?

I miss that I had NO BEDTIME in "tana" and I cried tonight when mommy brushed my teeth. You are WAY better at brushing my teeth.

I am sure that Dayne misses you too.
Lots of love and licks,
Crewe Palmer


Ryan & Brittany said...

what a fun post. it is always so sad to leave gramma's house!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Crewe,
We miss you too. Tiger says to tell you "sorry, he has a new dinosaur and it's not for you" I think he is kidding and I will get it from him and send it to you. We love you! Grandma

Hey it was Tiger that taught him pull my finger...not me and he thought it was very funny.

Julie said...

I laughing so hard I'm literally crying. I'm so relieved to know that the dinosaurs died from smoking cigarettes. I'll sleep better now.