Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UT trip

How do you sum an amazing weekend? I just am not sure I can. And let's be honest. Only my parents are interested in the pictures and the details. So I will go with a list of a FEW of the highlights. 

1. We went to BYU. Mostly Rich and I traded shots about our schools while we were trying to inform Crewe.

Me:Crewe this is the college that the smartest people in the world go to.

Rich: Especially if you don't get into Ricks. Or a huge nerd.

Here is what Crewe got from the morning: There is a huge Y on the mountain made of snow.

2. We went to the training table. It was as good as I remembered. 

***I had a bunch of photos ready for this post but I decided to make it into a bunch of posts. THE WEEK OF UT. *sorry about the lameness but my parents will love this week.


Anonymous said...

you are correct oh wise one.

brittany said...

can't wait for the recap!

*ethan* said...

it was fun to have you here, miss you

nat said...

we had so much fun w/you. come back

jody said...

Go Cougars!!

Glad you had so much fun!!