Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Things are good here. Crazy and good. I just have not had a complete post in me so here is a list of Things that are going on.

1. Friday I went out to dinner with my friend Petra and the server messed up our bill so the manager paid for our dinner. Nice. The server wasn't that good so we just left a couple of bucks for a tip. Then we decided to hit the movies because we had money to burn. AND Petra slept for most of the movie. The 8pm movie. Good thing I adore Petra.

2. Saturday we were suppose to meet my Grandparents and Aunt/Uncle in the city but complications arose. I had signed up for scrapbooking class with Kelli so I went to that. It was 10am-2am. I only stayed until 12am and got home around 1am. That's right. 14 hours of scrapbooking. It was very fun.

3. I am learning to really like "The Office". Can someone explain to me what the deal is with Toby?

4. We are going to Utah tomorrow for the weekend. I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it. It has been  2 years since we have been to UT or even seen my brother, Aaron and his kids. WAY TOO LONG.  So the plan is to play with brothers, wives and children, Oh and eat. I plan on tricking people into eating at Training Table. *Note to UT readers. Sorry we just can't make it this time to visit. But 2 years has been too long. We will be back.

5. Last night I went to my monthly MNO dinner. We went to the same place that Petra and I had gone  but with 20 more women. About 1/2 through the dinner our server started getting more help and guess who was helping him? The "server" from Friday night. Petra stopped her and asked her if she remembered us and went over the story with her. I pretended like I had never seen her before.

6. How much does Baby Dayne look like Rich?


jody said...

Rich in drag!!

brittany said...

i wish i was going to utah! have a fun trip. i can't wait to hear all about it.

Amy said...

Ashley! Next time you are in UT please call me...I would love to see you! It has been too long! I too love a good Training Table visit. Those dang cheese fries get me and my ass every time!