Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going Where?

(a test run in the backyard. I thought it was too smokey and went inside to enjoy civility)

I am going camping.

After the laughter dies down, I will continue......

The deal-o, 6 months ago we decided that we would go camping with some friends. They said it would be fun and I agreed. Now, JUST NOW, I am thinking, WHAT THE 
HELL?????? I DON'T CAMP. I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE OUTDOORS!! It has been many moons since I last camped. Past examples:

1. In college I went with Rich to his grandpa's cabin in southern UT. I went mostly to make out with Rich after everyone went to bed.

2. I also went to the cabin with  Rich's brother and friends to show Rich how OVER I was of him.  I was in a place that he LOVED and I WASN'T even thinking about him.

3. In high school my family with my parents friends on some weekend.All I remember is Amy Ostler and I laughing and hanging out with Tyler Somebody and Ike. For a weekend I thought the boys were cute.

4. GIRLS CAMP.  I can't even go there. Me-no-likey. If you are not LDS, bless yourself and stay away from girls camp.  In fact, this post was suppose to be why this weekend will be better than girls camp...maybe another day. Barf!

Here are my reasons why I don't camp:
1.It is outdoors.
2. You sleep on the floor.
3. You have to wear plaid flannel shirts.
4. Group Eggs. Barf.
5. Too much crap to bring to pretend you are really indoors.

Just you think I am a totally downer here are a few upsides:
1. I think my kids will LOVE it.
2. It makes Rich happy.
3. I will have a great time with my friends.
4. It is something we don't normally do. So it is exciting to try new things.
5. I got a new pink sleeping bag for Mother's Day.
6. Oh, I am totally bringing Tylenol PM for myself.


Us said...

Ashley, you crack me up. You and I are so alike in so many ways. LaVor suggests camping all the time and I turn it around and suggest a great hotel I'd like to stay at. I'm anxious to see how it turns out!

brittany said...

Ryan and I are laughing so hard right now I have tears in my eyes. you are so funny! we just got back from camping and it really wasn't that bad and get this, it was RAINING! I am sure you will have so much fun and you are right, your kids will love it. Also, I can't believe you forgot our camping excursion to so. utah. ryan in the "i love hatch" hat was a sight to see, and that crazy stray dog... good times!

Anonymous said...

Your mom and I have committed to the ward camp out in July. To train, we lay on the grass in the backyard, let the bugs bite us and then turn on the sprinklers. So far we love camping.

{natalie} said...

hahahaha. you will have fun because you will be with all your friends and your kids' friends. just get your self through the weekend by promising yourself a manicure when you get back.

too bad you've never camped in Aar & Nans backyard or you would be way more prepared!!

jody said...

What a great funny and so true. You are my daughter. I hate getting my hands dirty and worse than that I hate sleeping on the ground. I think you fell on your head deciding to camping but I think we have to go once this summer, you will be all prepared. I am scoping out a motel for the ward camp out.
I'm sure the kids will love it. You loved it when you were little and then you got smart.:)))) enjoy your weekend!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

It must be the camping weekend. So fun that you have a pink sleeping bag though!!

Amy said...

I remember that camping trip and it was a blast! I must say that I still love to camp and I am anxious for Emerson to get old enough so that we can go. Good luck on your outing!