Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Here is to You

I am getting threatening emails to update my blog. So sorry. I didn't know I had a following:) Life has been alittle nuts. Here is a rundown.

1. I went to dinner Tuesday night with friends, Indain. Good. Had bad heartburn in the middle of the night.

2. Monday night we had an ALL Palmer Family Home Evening. I loved it. My nephew, Jonny, directed the song while Crewe and James "played" the paino. SO much noise. After the lesson we played Rock Band. *the picture was from along time ago. i found it on aj's computer.

3. Baby Dayne broke our computer cord. AH. I just bought a new cord last month for $90 bucks. So I have to steal AJ's computer when she isn't looking.

4. I am taking a scrap book workshop tonight. I am not yet excitied about it but I will get there.

5. I went to Barns and Noble last night (followed by another great girls dinner, with great friends. thanks guys) and I noticed they had a "Vampire Love" section. Doesn't that seem wierd?


{natalie} said...

i tried to comment earlier but it wouldn't work and now i can't remember what i was going to say. i'm glad you finally posted. glad my email got to the point! hehe. i love ROCKBAND.

jody said...

good post
the end

Anonymous said...

John looks a little like Jimi Hendrix

*ethan* said...

vampire love...... i will now no longer go to B&N