Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Me, Old?

I think I am getting old. Not really old but kind of-not-young. Here is why I think I getting old:

1. I no longer think the MTV Music Awards are cool. I don't even know many of the "stars".

2. I am obsessed with making sure I have my medicine to take on my trip this week.

3. I get anxiety when watching "Gossip Girl." I want them all to be nice and get a long!

On the flip side:

1. I still like VERY LOUD music.

2. I can stay up late. 

3.I am concerned about the color of my skin. I am getting another spray tan this week. I love it.


nat said...

i don't think you are old ash. i like your list. what medicine are you bringing? anti-shingles? i haven't even started packing, it's on my list for today. crap i'm not ready. anyways, glad you like the loud music and still you aren't old. yet.

jody said...

if you are old I am dirt