Monday, October 06, 2008

The Weekend

We had a taking it easy weekend. It was so great. Higlights:

-Dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Kids were so good.
-Birthday party of Crewe's friend. We all went and got to see our friends too.

-Played games with Angie/Nathan. Both Rich and I won a game of Settlers.

-Took our broken computer to the Apple Store. They could fix it for $450. We made an appointment with an independent computer fixer. Still braced for the cost. Then we took our computer to Nathan on Sunday--he fixed it for free. YAY.

-Watched Conference on Sunday and some on Saturday. Very enjoyable.

-Yogurt from Blush.


brittany said...

someday i am going to be able to say the kids were so good at a restaurant. someday. for now, it is always a single child, not plural! sounds like a great weekend though. i love weekends like that!

*ethan* said...

sounds like a good weekend, cant wait to see you only 4 more days

jody said...

Darling picture of the kids!!! I miss them.

{natalie} said...

ooh sounds like a fun weekend to me. i am glad your computer is fixed, i hate paying for things like that! can't wait to see you