Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping 09 Style

37 Things about our camping Trip:

1. We went to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

2. It did not take us that long to get there. 

3. It was beautiful.

4. There were 20 kids camping.

5. We stayed from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. 

6. 5 families slept in their tents set up inside the tent cabins.

7.    7. We burned a fire in the morning and a fire in the evening.

8. Rich always started the morning fires.

9. My kids slept great. And even slept in a little bit.

10. 2 families had trailers.

11. 2 families slept in their tents on the hill.
12. Crewe fell into the water 2 times.

13. Rich brought his bike but never got to ride it.

14. I played Settlers of Catan 5 times.

15. We ate like kings.

16. We made 2 peach cobblers in the dutch oven.

17. It was 43 degrees at night.

18. I got 1 bloody 3 am.

19. I cried a couple of times about how cold it was at night.

20. The kids watched 2 movies.

21. A mouse ate holes in my yoga pants while I was sleeping (although I was not wearing the pants at the time).

22. Trying not to have to walk all the way to the bathrooms in the middle of the night...Rich peed off the deck of our cabin. I tried to do it outdoor man style and pee ended up on my leg.

23. We BBQ'd Tri-tip and pork roast one night.

24. Smores were had every night.

25. I wore 2 shirts and sweatshirt, the whole weekend. In the evening I would add my vest and a hat. 

26. The kids all got a long great. They played at this big play park in the camp ground.

27. Baby Dayne and I drank hot chocolate every morning.

28. Crewe's shoes got wet, so he wore our friends, pink crocs for the rest of the weekend. (he did not complain. he was grateful he got to leave the tent after that.)

29. I rolled my ankle and then consumed much pain medicines. Donna hurt her knee. She drank margaritas and felt better.

30. I did not read my book at all. But I did get through all the magazines laying around. 

31. One dad came with his 2 kids. He did great without his wife.

32. We brought our marbles board but never got it out of the car.

33. We had 2 cops and 1 fireman camping with us.

34. I had a great time. I would totally do it again.

35. I slept really poorly. I was cold. Then after Rich "fixed" me I was uncomfortable. Sleeping on the ground, sucks.

36. Crewe ended up taking a shower. No one else did. We were a huge group of stinking people.

 And finally........There were 37 of us camping. We had a great time. Thanks everyone. 


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am not sure how to sign in, this is Ang.....THANK YOU for not telling me about the mouse!!! You know I would have high tailed it out of there if I would have known...I mean, I know they exist and that we were outside, but I like to think they are keeping their distance. That was my whole reasoning/fear of the tent cabin...MICE, yuck!

Anonymous said...

I am kinda impressed that you endured the weekend! The mouse in the pants is gross, glad he wasn't nibbling while you were wearing them. Smores sound good. So does hot chocolate, which my kids are now calling coffee, not sure why. I'll call later! NAT

Anonymous said...

What do you mean Rich "fixed" you? I don't think there's enough room for all the vomit.

jody said...

Looks like a very fun weekend. I guess you are are true Montana girl, you camper you.

Cute pictures.. glad the kids had fun

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Sounds like a great weekend. The mouse part - disgusting!

Deborah said...

AShley - I ditto your feelings about camping and will sign us up for another trip in a heartbeat. Love your list. Loved your company. Loved everyone on this trip. Loved that the kids were so independent and played their hearts out.

I love Angie's reply - you were right not to tell her about the mouse....does she know it visited us every night we were there? Ha Ha Ha...squeak...