Sunday, May 03, 2009


The kids and I returned from Mexico last Saturday. We stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's House. There house is so warm and inviting. I love being there. I could stay there and do nothing for a very long time. Or as my dad said one night, "So what are you guys going to do tomorrow in Lazyville?"
Here is small list of some of things we did....1. My mom painted dayne's  toe nails. Many times. She brought nailpolish that was pink in the house and purple in the sun.

2. We read books and played in the sand. 

3. We drove the Rhinos down to the market and bought tortillas for a simple lunch.

4. I drank cola lights until I was so happy.

5. We ate beans, rice and chips and salsa everyday.  I also had AMAZING guacamole. 

6. Crewe went 4 wheeling with Uncle Wimp. 

7.We went to an "aquarium" and fed the sea lion and the snapping turtles. 

We had an amazing time. Thanks Mom for taking us. We loved spending time with you. Thanks for having us Aunt Dawn and Uncle Wimp. We love you. 

PS the second to last picture shows my Aunt's house. I was standing where the ocean water will come in. The last picture shows the kids playing in the water when the tides were in. The water did come even closer later in the week. 


{natalie} said...

i love aunt dawn & uncle wimp's mexico place. i wish i would have stowed away in your suitcase. sounds like a perfect vacation to me

brittany said...

ash, your trip sounds incredible and your kids are adorable

Deborah said...

Can I be friends with your family so I can stay at that gorgeous house? I don't blame you for not wanting to leave. I would stay there for a very long time...the view of the beach is unbelievable. Glad you're back though.