Friday, May 29, 2009


Q. What do you do with 20 kids at the end of a long day? Even if you are camping?

A. Watch a movie!

Our friend, Dean, built the movie screen out of PVC pipes. That way he can take it down and store it. (He actually built the screen last year) This year we set the kids up in one of the tent cabins so it was very dark in the theater. (My flash washed out the first picture but trust me, it was like sitting in a a your pajamas, in the cold, but still.....). The kids were thrilled with the option. We brought in small chairs, blankets and little baggies of  M&M's, pretzels, ect..... KID HEAVEN.

Thanks Dean and Mary!


{natalie} said...

I wish we had a projector to watch movies on, that's an awesome idea. i bet the kids loved it.

ps yes the lemonade was strawberry-y, it was good.

jody said...

That looks so fun. Next time i come lets see if we can hook up a movie outside.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Great idea!