Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Crewe is a funny kid. A very funny kid. He is sweet and kind and thoughtful.  I have two stories I would like to record/share.

The other day I asked Crewe what summer camps he wanted to go to this summer. We talked about all the options and then I mentioned a fun in sun camp. That week the theme would be the Circus. Would you like to go? He replied, I can't go to Circus Camp. What if I can't balance a ladder on my nose?

Yesterday I was in a cleaning spree and I was tackling my messy desk. I had $100 dollar bill on my desk and I moved it so I would not lose it. Later in the day I went looking for the money and it was gone. I looked everywhere. When Rich came home we went through 3 bags of trash, the side tables, the paper baskets, and other nooks and crannies looking for this bill. When Crewe came home after an afternoon of visiting Rich's grandparents and the McDonalds playland, Rich asked him if by chance he saw the money. Sure, I saw it. I wanted to see a hundred dollars. Then I got busy and put in my pocket. 


brittany said...

i am cracking up! though it was probably not funny to have spent so much time searching. thanks for the laugh!

jody said...

That boy does say funny things without even trying to.

I bet he will be able to balance a ladder on his nose by the end of camp.

{natalie} said...

your mom told me both of these stories more than once....that crewe is a funny boy!

Anonymous said...

next time stop me