Friday, June 19, 2009

Cookies please?

I have been having a rough week. I have been feeling sorry for myself and kind of depressed. I am an emotional eater. I knew that if I made cookies I would eat WAY to many. So I took my kids to the store and let them pick out a treat. They choose Toll House cookie dough. That way we get hot cookies after lunch for multiple days. This morning I just read that there is a RECALL on all Toll House cookie dough. It has been infected with E-coli. WHAT? What's a girl to do?


{natalie} said...

As long as you don't eat it raw you will be fine. I hope we haven't been the cause of the bad week.

Good things:
You are a stay at home mom
You have pretty fingernails
And lots of cute shoes
2 beautiful kids and a loving husband
A lemon tree
Lots of movie nights
Love, nat

brittany said...

that sucks! i hope you start to feel better. i have weeks like that too.

i love natalie's post. i wish i had a lemon tree!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I'm sorry you're having one of those weeks! You're the greatest!

jody said...

I guess make your own cookie dough and freeze that.

Now chin up your life is great. It is ok to have a blue day or days but you know my saying "do something for some else and you will feel better" I am betting this is why I didn't know you were having a bad week.

Love you tons!