Monday, June 15, 2009

Schools OUT for Summer

Crewe is DONE with Preschool. No more. In this year he has gained 2 lbs and has grown 2 inches. His first day of school (above) looks a lot like his last day of school. We are crazy about this boy. Here is his summer interview:

Who is your best friend?: Julian
What do you want to do this summer?: camp and have sleepovers
Summer Goals?: get better riding my bike
Where do you want to go this summer?: Chuck E Cheese
Favorite Color?: Blue    Favorite food?: Bananas
Favorite movie?: BOLT- but we don't have that movie!
What did you love the most about Preschool?: THE SLIDE!!


{natalie} said...

is he wearing the same clothes on purpose? he is so cute. that is a good idea to label the picture like that (with the info sign) i like his goals. bolt is one of kade's favorite movies too. he should come over for a sleepover!!

brittany said...

i love that he is wearing the same clothes and i think your idea of holding up the sign is so cute! i want to do that with my kids this year. lily said her favorite show was bolt in her preschool memory book too, she had seen it once.. must be a memorable movie!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love the interview! So cute!

Amy said...

I am going to copy this idea when the time comes! You are such a clever, smarty pants! I love it! They grow up fast, don't they!?

jody said...

I love that boy and his missing teeth. You are clever with the idea of pictures, dates and the sign.