Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Library

This summer I have huge hopes of totally getting Crewe ready for school in the fall. Or at the very least, keeping my kids busy enough that I am happy with everyone. So begins my SUMMER PLAN. This years SUMMER PLAN is going to include the library. We went to sign Crewe up for the reading program at the Library. I believe I read a lot of books to him and he gets rewards. Something  like  that. When I was checking it out, I found out that they also have an adult reading program. So I am signing up. I have to read 3 books by August 15th. The first 100 people to turn in there lists and reviews get a prize. I can do this..... In fact I would say that we are off to a good start. 


{natalie} said...

are you sure you can read 3 books by august 15th? that seems pretty intense ash. (kidding) i want to get to the library more too.

jody said...

don't you read 3 books a week?

brittany said...

i just signed the girls up at our local library. i wonder if they have an adult one. i'll have to look into that. good job getting crewe ready.. we've shifted into overdrive ourselves.