Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father

Happy Father's Day, Dad. 20  Things about my dad:

1. he is very thoughtful.

2. he doesn't like cupcakes.

3. he is homebody.

4. he loves chocolate. he eats fudge bars year round.

5. he is VERY generous.

6. He loves to read.

7. he calls his pajama pants, fat boys.

8. he likes peperoni pizza above all other kinds.

9. he loves to travel. they are going to China in the fall.

10. he went to college in Germany.

11. he doesn't really sweat. 

12. he likes loud music.

13. he likes to sit in the same spot in his family room.

14. he has a subscription to People magazine.

15. he is loyal to BYU.

16. he didn't love his red porsche because it is Uof U colors.

17. he  loves to wear soccer jerseys but hates the sport of soccer.

18. he doesn't drink water. ever.

19. he plays basketball every week.

20. he likes being a dad. i think he would have liked more kids but i am glad that I don't have to share him with anymore kids. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweetie. Pop

jody said...

You are so sweet and that is a great list. So clever and thoughtful. Dad is the best! Thanks for being such a great daughter.

Amy said...

You forgot to mention how every time he eats at Fudruckers, he gives the cashier a crazy fake name to call out when his food is ready!

brittany said...

what a fun post!

{natalie} said...

amy's comment made me laugh "elvis"

your dad is great, i love him.