Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Disneyland Part II

Five Moments from Disneyland
5. Meeting Tinkerbell was HUGE for Dayne. But when it came time to talk to her. Forget it. Not this Tink. She worked Dayne over until she got the love. No small feat.

4. Our kids were amazing at all the walking. We walked over 17,000 steps. They did too. The second day, Crewe sat a lot in dayne's stroller and she sat on his lap. Hey. Whatever works.
3. We stayed at the Grand Califorinaian.

2. The great weather. It was perfect.
1. The Lines. What Lines? We could ride most rides as fast as we could get off and go to the front of the line. On Priates of the Carabean we just asked if we could stay on the ride. Already we were the only people on our boat. Life was good.
Thanks mom and dad we had a great time.

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jody said...

It was so fun!!! I need to print some of those cute pictures. I think we need to go again.