Thursday, February 11, 2010

Favorite Things- Countdown to Birthday

I am not sure if I ever blogged about my chair. We all know that I have deep feelings about my yellow chair. I have spent many hours, many in my yellow chair. Because I love to be in my chair to read, hold my kids, chat with friends, play on the laptop, even sleep, I knew that is was starting to loose its' life. (Plus my mom kept telling me it was looking gross). SO painfully I started to accept that I would need a new chair. This the the little beaut that came to live with us. It is not at all what I started out shopping for but once I sat in it, I was in love. It is super soft. It fits me perfectly. It is one of my new Favorite Things.

PS The yellow chair is still around. I moved it over by the TV. hehehe


jody said...

That chair is the best. Great color and it is very comfortable.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Very cute chair. Looks comfy too! I love that it reclines.

Dorothy said...

whoa..I could really live with this it.