Saturday, February 06, 2010

Getting my Groove Back

Alright. We left early Sunday morning for San Diego. We did not tell our kids where we were going or who was going to be there. In the car, we sprung it on them. "Dad really wants Mexican food." "Yeah and my favorite place is far away in San Diego. It would take us a really long time to drive so let's fly there!" Dayne did her cheerleader shout of SAN DIEGO. Crewe kept asking if we were tricking him and really going to the zoo. And what was he going to wear. We didn't bring clothes. (Rich had put the suitcase in the trunk the night before.)
Once we got to SD we told our kids to look in the baggage claim. Wouldn't it be fun if we knew someone here? The shrieks of delight when they saw my folks sitting by the door. Then the running down the stairs, pass my dad who was standing with open arm, straight to my mom. Sorry Pops!

It was fun to see everyone and celebrate my Grandpa's 85th Birthday. (Especially because we had just come from Grandma Palmers Funeral).


{natalie} said...

I thought you were celebrating your birthday....

it looks like fun in the sun to me.

jody said...

Happy Birthday to Gp and to you! It was so fun and glad that you could come and way to go pulling the surprise off, even with the Dad trying to chat with your kids about an upcoming trip.