Sunday, February 07, 2010


Where to go?Where to go? My parents offered to take us to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday (I wore a birthday pin while there). We had been to Disneyland before but never with both of our kids. We took Crewe a couple of weeks before he turned 3 so it had been awhile. I asked 2 Disneyland experts, my brother Aaron and Angie. Both who would have loved to have been there to help us with our first, "real" visit. They both listed rides and actions plans for me. I must admit that all could remember as we entered was, Peter Pan ride, then Dumbo and then ........ Where did we go?

*** good thing dayne had a map****

PS I am going to also try to fit in a few of my favorite things post. My birthday is in a week. So I am behind this year.....

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