Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Camping Trip 2011

This year was cold and wet.  I think it swayed everything else that we did. We still had a great time !

I slept in the car. I'm so happy we have an SUV.

Does this look like camping outfits for the end of May, almost June? Holy Crap, I am a wimp!

The rain came down too much. So we packed up our crap to come back a little bit early. It worked out because everyone moved into our canvas shell and ate dinner. The kids were in another watching a movie.


Anonymous said...

I invite you to come to Wyoming for the Trek. 3 days 27 miles and lots of bugs.

jody said...

He forgot to say "And cool outfits".

Your camping trip looks like you had fun inspite of being cold,fun to be with friends anyway. I love that the kids get to watch movies and play on the iPad. Cute pictures, good job for going I say.

brittany said...

i LOVE camping. it looks like fun. sorry about the rain!