Wednesday, June 08, 2011

More Preschool

The actual last day of preschool. Dayne and I wore matching skirts. Awesome! It was a great day filled with a performance, a video of the kids, food and fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the other parents and I know had a great year!

 Dayne's classmates, Max, Nathan, Emma, Amelia and Dayne. They were getting ready for the silly picture. Dayne's favorite!
Dayne told me, "You know your husband's Dad? I really love him!"


Anonymous said...

she has the funniest way of phrasing things.

Amy said...

Twinners! Love it! Did you make them? I am going to be a crying wreck when Emerson does this next year! Hold on to her tight because next thing you know, she will be putting on makeup and texting the boys...and totally embarrassed if you walk out of the house wearing the same thing as her!

jody said...

Glad the skirts fit and they look dang cute even minus legs.

Cute cute Dayne

{natalie} said...

Cute skirts!

brittany said...

love the matching skirts. did you make them? congrats to dayne on finishing a fun year of preschool!