Friday, June 03, 2011

Done with Preschool

Dayne is done with preschool yesterday. I'm always sad. I don't like my kids growing up and moving on. Pathetic, I know. I am happy that we did a Round Robin Style preschool this year. We both made new friends. I loved how flexible everyone could be. Dayne worked on her Letters and Numbers. This year she also learned how to write her name (not at school) and can spell her whole name on demand. Dayne is a delightful daughter. She is super dramatic. She is so happy and sweet AND can be very naughty at the next turn. We love Dayne!


{natalie} said...

good work dayne! i love when kids spell their names. i was just looking at my kids yesterday and thinking it is all going too fast. this is weird.

jody said...

Cute picture of you two! I love how dramatic Dayne is.. Everything is great or horrible no in between, she is so delightful

Anonymous said...

sassy mongeese !