Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swim Team

  We are two meets into our swimteam season. Crewe is swimming everyday for at least 45 minutes during practice and then we usually go back to the pool for fun.  Crewe is doing such a great job. He swims Back Stroke and Freestyle really well. He also is working on his Butterfly and his Breaststroke. He has a ribbon for each stroke ( that is what he cars about). We really have a great time and I am so proud of Crewe. Brace yourself for ALL the videos of the Shark!
Oh and we have a great support team. There is a lot of hanging out time and Dayne does a great job being happy and helpful.  Baby Dayne is an amazing cheerleader and we are lucky to have her supporting Crewe. Side note. She is learning to swim this year and may be on the team next year. 


{natalie} said...

ya for swim team. i heard crewe was mvp...that's cool!

i love that you guys live at the pool.

Anonymous said...

The little pirate is cute, and C dawg the swimmer is way cool.

jody said...

I can hardly wait to see that fish swim. Cute pictures of the babies