Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 weeks here on earth

Today baby dayne went to the doctor for her 2 week check up. She is doing great. She weighed in at 7lbs 14ozs. EXCELLENT!!! (As a side note*I also LOVE her wearing bows and the pale pink outfit. It is a Tommy Hilfiger. Thanks Addison for the hand-me-down.) Crewe also came with us to the doctors (I had this need to have Rich there, in we all went). We had to wait FOREVER. The following also occured.

Us: "That is where the doctor sits."

Crewe jumps in the chair. "Call me Doctor Crewe."


the mom said...

That baby is to cute. Glad Dr Crewe says she is doing so well. Glad to see the Mickey Mouse Crocs.

*ethan* said...

that baby girl is already 2 weeks!! man it goes fast

Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

ooooooh i like the bows! and the purple little giraffe blanket, and boy does she have lots of dark hair!! so cute. and crewe is so funny. i like that he thinks he is dr. crewe. did your mom leave?

*natalie* said...

i thought the little giraffe blanket was a darker purple. hmmm.

i love pale pink on baby gals too.

she is so cute and that big brother too!