Tuesday, March 20, 2007


If you don't know my mom then you are really missing out. She is amazing and wonderful and kind and thoughtful. She has been here taking care of me and my KIDS (ah, I have kids now). She did the night duty with Dayne and played cars with Crewe all day. Here is a list of things about the amazing Jody.
1. She began dating Dane in high school.
2. She can do ANYTHING
3. Stain glass, paint, drawing, sewing, ect. She can do it all!
4. Born in West Virginia.
5. Full name is Jodean.
6. Can touch her nose with her tongue.
7. Hates the color pink.
8. also hates the name Shannon and Susan
9.Has 2 sisters and 1 brother
10.Loves the movie, "kingpen"
11. Won't admit that movie is her favorite.
12. Has a floor obsession
13. Vacuums EVERYDAY
14. Also exercises everyday (BOO!)
15. LOVES mexican food
16. Does not love Asian food
17. Can't handle onions
18. CRAZY LOVES my dad
19.Has been to Europe MANY times
20. Enjoys Travel
21. Was raised in Alaska
22.Went to BYU
23. Was in trouble alot for wearing short skirts
24. Thinks Aunt Dawn and Aunt Grace are good sister-in-laws
25.Doesn't sing with the radio
26. Doesn't listen to music when she is in her car!
27. When I told her that I wanted to be in band, she said, "me too!"
28. Excellent reader
29. not EXCELLENT speller
30. "Cane River" a favorite book
31. enjoys reading
32. Likes "chic-lit" but Ashley is concerned it is too racy for the mom
33. Really LIKES her children
34. Makes excellent chicken fingers
36. Loves the Lord
37. Works at the temple once a week
38. Excellent example of Christ like love
39. Amazing relief society teacher
40. Had 3 children naturally and fast- What, no epidural
41. Works in her yard everyday.
42. Can't say no to her kids or GRANDKIDS
43. Is a very good friend
44. Is very good to the Grandparents
45. Misses her parents everyday
46. Likes to work on puzzles
47. Has perfect color pixels
48.Likes the Zoo
49. Loves Parades
50. Is Loved by me!!! I love you Mom!


Ryan & Brittany Birnel said...

So FUN! what a nice way to tell your mom you love her.

Anonymous said...

quite sweet ash

the mom said...

I love you too!! You are the best daughter ever. It was certainly my pleasure to be able to come and be with you and your little family. Thanks for all the nice things you wrote...you are the sweetest!!! love you tons

*natalie* said...

great list!! yes, jody you are the best mother in law i could ask for and so, so talented at everything you try. we love you!