Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me and my 14 year old companion

Here is my dirty little confession of the week.

I tricked Rich (using womanly wiles...) into going into the city for a book signing this weekend. It was for the famous Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series. I enjoyed the series and have had many friends (my peers) who liked the books. Also 2 sister-in-laws who no-likey the books.

The babysitters were booked. Rich was home and showered early. I looked super cute in my Polk-a-dot shirt. The night was looking good. Off we went to the city. We had to go the bookstore and show them our tickets (which we had to get a month ago) and get a number. Then at 6pm they started letting people in according to their number. You were sat according to this magical number and with that number you got to get in line for your book to be signed. Ah, Southwest, you taught them well.

Now these photos are not ones I took but our from Meyer's website, tour photos. I want you to look at the last shot. How many 30 old do you see? HOW MANY 35 YEAR MEN? That's right, we were the OLDEST people there. Except for a few moms who were there with their 16 year old's. What the......????

Another quick diddy about "the event". Whilst we were in line to get in to get in the bookstore, a little girl ( wearing a TEAM EDWARD t-shirt) came around passing out raffle tickets. Once we were seated in the store they started raffling items to pass the time. The numbers would be called and 300+ girls would start to squeal and scream, with delight as the winner of the coveted item would march to the front to claim their prize.

YES, I WON a poster. A POSTER!!!! Whooo-who! Here is the thing, I refused to acknowledge that I was the winner. I kept my eyes down on the book I was reading. I shunned my 13 years old's. I shunned my old guy companion . Rich said, "It's YOU!", but I just stared forward.

The raffle caller demanded that the winner come forth or she was going to pick another ticket. "Someone else will get the poster!"

Then from the back I heard, "Who wouldn't want it???!!!!"

Me. And my my 14 year old companion, I mean 35.


*natalie* said...

a true fan would have went up for the poster!

*ethan* said...

vampire nerds

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Hey Ash! If we still lived in Sactown, I would have loved to go with you guys and I would have happily claimed your poster for you!! No need to be embarassed! Maybe you and I need to get Team Edward shirts! :) Your night was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Ryan and Brittany said...

i would have gone to the book signing with you!!! you should have claimed your poster. i can't believe there were no other adults there. i know so many people our age that love the series. what a great husband you have to go with you.

jody said...

Well I loved the books and am anxiously waiting for my personal signed book to get here. Sounds like a fun night and I would go and then I would be the oldest person at the event. Several of my old friends would of happily claimed the poster. How would it of looked in my new dining room?

KAP said...

I probably would not have claimed the poster either.

KAP said...

Oh! or I would get one of the teenagers there without a parent to let me pretend I was their parent.