Thursday, August 23, 2007


(Because blogs stink without is the $68 bottle of eye medicine for Dayne. Cheap!)

I want to be a good mom. I really do. I actually want to be an amazing mom that never yells, is never rushed, bakes cookies in the afternoon (that they can eat after a HEALTHY balanced lunch, after they drink all their milk -which according to Crewe's Dr. should be 22 ozs a day) and children that go to bed smoothly; after scripture study.

Here is why I will be winning no awards:

1. Crewe has no clothes on right now. He does have a towel on and it will remain on until I threaten him; then he will change into jammie pants- no shirt. Start calling him Josh Diem.

2. Dayne went to the Dr. the other day. She had a yeast infection, heat rash and an eye infection.

3. Crewe is having a birthday celebration tomorrow at playgroup. The invitations are still sitting on the table. The family invites for the Sunday party are their too!

4. I let Crewe watch t.v. almost all day. Dayne needed to be held (good mommy) and I could only do 1 kid at a time today.

5. I have not showered since........

P.S. Truthfully, my children do go to bed smoothly.


jody said...

Dear Good Mom,
1. kids get sick and even lice
2. some kids just don't require much sleep and don't nap and want their dads in the nighttime even when they are 16
3. what!!! invites didn't go out?
4. Josh Diem has been reinvented, how about that
5. Who wouldn't want to be held and played with all day
the end

Delaine said...

ASHLEY PALMER IS ONE OF THE VERY BEST MOMS THAT I KNOW!!!!!! But we all have bad days once in awhile. Keep your chin up :)

*natalie* said...

hey ash, we all have days where we feel crappy. but you are a good mom and you do lots of things to make up for the days you feel crappy. you can send shirtless crewe to hang out with shirtless kade!

Ryan and Brittany said...

the invitations are my fault. you shouldn't count that as a bad mom. and besides that we all have good days and bad days and you seem to have more good than bad, so that should count for something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash! Love you all so much, and I miss your smart @$$.

Landon said...

The anonymous post was me...Landon.