Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You want what???

To help with the "Stress" of strep, Rich bought me Haagen Daas ice cream bar So freaking good. I was totally allowed to have an ice cream bar for breakfast . I gave Crewe a Popsicle. A purple confection. It was shaped like a star.

Then he saw my magical treat.

"I want THAT licky-pop."

What the.....*#$#$&#!@#

I am a moron. Who eats Haagen Daas in front of their kids? AND WHO SHARES??????


*natalie* said...

good mama to share. hope you are feeling better soon!!

jody said...

how cute is that boy eating your ice cream ,, what a good mama to share

and what! no shirt ;)))) has he turned into Josh Diem?

KAP said...

That looks good. Any left to share one with me?

Ryan and Brittany said...

you are the nicest mom in the world. i never would have shared, and by the photos you shared a lot. do you still have strep?