Saturday, August 04, 2007

oh dylan

Beverly Hills, 90210 was a prime time television show that aired from October 4, 1990, to May 17, 2000. AND I LOVED IT!!!!! I'll admit that I didn't start watching it until my freshman year of college, 1995. Here are reasons why I pledge my love the famous ZIP.

1. During my college years, reruns were on every night from 5-6 (and maybe 6-7) and I was able to catch up on all that I missed. Now it is on everyday in the afternoon. I DVR it everyday and watch my guilty pleasure when I feed the baby her bottles.

2. It was one of things that brought my very missed friend, Kelly Jones, and I together. Kelly now has sons named Brandon and Dylan. She claims that is has NOTHING To DO with show. Ummmm........(her thirds son is NOT Steve)

3. It brought Dylan McKay into my life. THEN when Nat and I were in London we saw the play When Harry Met Sally. Starting Dylan, I mean, Luke Perry. We were able to shout "Dylan we LOVE you!" Boy did we shout! (ok more me than Natalie. She is too young to know true 90210)

4. I never took classes on Wednesday night. I also didn't answer the phone during the show. I do that now during Grey's (but maybe not this fall......).

5. The acting is ......what it is.....

6. You get to see David Silver dance and later he runs a club and at the end he is a DJ.

7. "Donna Martin Graduates!!!" How often do you get to say that???

Ok, I know most of you don't care. But right now, my kids are asleep, Rich is at the store and I get to pretend that I am in my dorm basement with my friends watching


*natalie* said...

i am so glad you mentioned London (besides making us sound very hip = seeing plays in London) it was also oh so fun.

where you had 90210, i had party of five. though i always did have a crush on david. he was kinda bad-boy/hot.

let's go back to London.

Ryan and Brittany said...

Natalie could know 90210 cause Ryan (husband Ryan, not 5th grade boyfriend Ryan) and I were huge fans. In elementary school we would say which character we were. Me and Ryan Gallegos were Donna and David. In college my roommate and I ran around the house chanting Donna Martin graduates over and over until our other roommates wanted to kill us after watching a re-run. Ryan and I used to set aside every wednesday night to watch that show together. It seriously was the best and there has been nothing like it since. I {{Heart}} your post. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

Kristin said...

Rich was at the store while you were home with 90210?

That rocks! Especially the husband at the store part.