Monday, March 03, 2008

Girls Weekend 2008

Where to start? A Story:
4 girls who call themselves family decided that they needed a little bonding time. So they awoke insanely early, 3:30 am for those who primped, and jumped on planes to LA. They were unsure of how they were going to get around in such a big scary town so they brought the kind old brothers magic seeing ball. (Also known as a GPS).
They set off to have their nails buffed and polished. Their feet were scrubbed and soaked. They laughed and talked for the 3 hours they took over the nail salon.

Soon they were hungry and the following FAMOUS places were visited (Def of FAMOUS: as seen on the Hills, Oprah talked about it, mentioned in People or the Schofields discovered it in New Orleans):


2 girls got makeup makeovers in a MAC store. 1 girls acquired new clothes at the GAP. 1 girl bought a sought after coat at MACY'S. 4 J. CREW flip flops were given as gifts and worn right away.

Because they are cultured girls, the weekend concluded with a viewing of theater. WICKED. And a 12:00 trip to In-n-Out.

At the end, 4 sad girls climbed abord their planes with happy memories of the 2008 Girls Weekend.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!


Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love the pictures and the story!! What a fun weekend!!! It was so great to see you. It had been far too long!!

jody said...

It was so fun and I loved your story. I think we need to do it again!!!! It was certainly our pleasure to make girls weekend happen. It makes us both happy to see you girls have fun together and to bond. Love you tons and thanks for doing the planning with the Dad.

{natalie} said...

thanks for being the planner ash. i love how you wrote this post! and i love pics. will you send them somewhere for printing?

i loved it and can't wait for another girls weekend.

ps you forgot to mention: 1 girl went home w/her cash. did you go get the sandals today??

Delaine said...

Beware of nail techs wearing masks!! I hope she had one on because Nat didn't shower not because she was using harmful chemicals.
It sounds like you girls had alot of fun. Great pictures!

ethan said...

are you trying to give mom a frencher?? gross

{natalie} said...

to delaine:


brittany said...

I love the way you tell the story of girls weekend. still jealous of the girls weekend!