Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Movie Review

A Movie Review by Me

It was Tuesday night- the first of the month- so I went to Mom's Night Out. Once a month the women of my Huge playgroup get together for dinner and movie. Actually they were going somewhere sucky so I took a rouge group elsewhere.  AND we saw this movie: Vantage Point. Everyone always wants my thoughts when I post about a movie SO here is a movie review according to Ashley.  *

+++The Good++++
+Interesting idea.  An assassination on the President happens in Spain. The story is then replayed over and over from many different VANTAGES. Get it?
+ Very fast past and clean language
+ Matthew Fox (also known as Jack on LOST and Charlie on Party of Five)

---The BAD----
-No back stories. Why are they trying to kill the president? What are they going to do with him?
- Unreal and UNBELIEVABLE people are all "in on it"
-William Hurt and Sigorney Weaver has too small of roles
-HUGE car chases and wrecks that would kill most; do not kill ANYONE.
-HUGE BOMBS that kill MANY people but not kill the good guys. This happens in many movies but I found it annoying in this movie.
-Totally lame ending!!! Spoiler Alert:  Really, a little girl (13age) wanders into the street and causes a car wreck that  only kills the bad people but lets a good guy wander up and find the President in the car. Alive. Lame!

*Let's be honest. I was just happy to be out.


{natalie} said...

you see so many movies. i am always happy to read your reviews!

Anonymous said...

Ashley D. Snider

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I wanted to see this movie. Would you say it's better off as a rental then? I love that you see so many movies. It's so awesom!!

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert!!! Just saw this flick and I gave it an A-. Lots of action and cool the way they tell the story. Ignore Ashley c. Snider and go with a guy friend to see this.