Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have not blogged in awhile because I don't feel like I have much to say AND my camera is having issues. 1. issue- dropped it in LA so pics are fuzzy. 2. issue- out in my car and don't want to go and get it.

SO tonight I emailed my friend this email and I thought, A BLOG. So here is the email that I sent.

Hello Friend-
Here are today's confessions.

I HATE short stories. I think they are just starting to get good and then.....nothing. It is over and I like being more involved in their lives.

We made cookies for Family Home Evening. No, volleyball and hot chocolate. Just cookies. We sang, I Am A Child of God and made cookies. No religion discussed at all.

I check
www.people.com everyday.

I think I don't like Anthropology. I think the plates, the jewelry and the books are all pretty cool but I think people like to shop there so they look second hand, but are really wearing SUPER expensive old lady shirts.

I still have a bowl of RAW dyed Easter Eggs sitting on my table.

I am thinking of throwing out a pair of underwear of Crewe's that have poop on them. He said, "Yep, it was really slid-ey". What was slidey? The poop before he made it to the toilet? Which he did- made it to the toilet.

Sometimes I say, I have to go upstairs because I have to go to the bathroom and really I want to just leave the kitchen so I won't have to help with the dishes.

I almost died of happiness when my sister-in-law asked me today if I wanted to watch the hills. Then during the episode she was able to talk about past episodes. AND she made no judgement when I told her that Monday night I dreamed that I made out with Brody Jenner*

miss you,
Love Ash

*this one was not included in the email. Another confession that is not for a blog that my parents read.


jody said...

random and bizzar

brittany said...

ash, i love you! you make me laugh. your blog is one of my favorites. hurry and get those issues worked out cause we need to see those cute kids in their easter best!

{natalie} said...

i like the random post.

i like anthropology. i don't like paying their prices though. but i like most of their stuff.

i haven't ever watched the hills so i guess you weren't talking about me.

we are flying kites today hopefully.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

I like the random post. Glad you're back blogging again!! Missed you.

Dave and Crissie said...

you're a crack up! i want to go upstairs a lot too when it's time for dishes. :)