Saturday, March 08, 2008

something to say

I have something I have been thinking about and I think, I am ready to share it with you.....


I have been concerned about my new feelings for awhile. I was a member of a Brownie Troop. I gladly wore the green vest or was it a sash? Anyway, I loved selling cookies as a girl scout. I loved having my dad take me up to the court house to push my sweet child face onto people and make them buy my cookies. I was driven to always sell, sell, sell. I wanted to sell enough for the T-SHIRT. Very cool.

This year a little girl came to our door asking if I wanted to buy cookies. I said, YES!!! Of course, I love the cookies. I love the Girl Scouts of America.  Wait, $3.50 a box. Only one sleeve of cookies in each box. Are you Freaking KIDDING ME?????? So I bought 3 boxes and waited a month for delivery. Delivery? Another thing that bugs, I do no like being accosted outside of my Walmart, Lucky's, the bank, and nail salon. NO! I don't want to buy MORE cookies. I was already sucked by the girl next door. No impulse shopping for me!

Rich and I sat down the other night to enjoy our Tag-alongs (what is up with this name?), A box of Thin Mints, and the Lemon Suck it To Me's.  They were......gross. Over processed. Tasted like wax and really not enjoyable. In fact, I. only.ate. one. cookie. ONE?!?#$%%

My name is Ashley and I am no longing in love with Girl Scout Cookies.

Finally, I said it.


jody said...

Interest take on Girl Scout Cookies. I guess we aren't on the same sale time as I haven't seen any Girl Scouts selling anything.

So you hate them...what are you going to do when Dayne is selling the cookies?

Do you remember when I was the person that all the tons of cookies came to and we had everyone pick them up at the church? We had a mountain of cookies.

{natalie} said...

i kinda feel the same way, though i do like the thin mints which you can get as grasshoppers for like half the price. ethan loves tagalongs but none for this year so far. i'm glad you can admit your feelings.

Anonymous said...

God will smite you.Repent now and go have an oreo.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Loved the monologue! No Girl Scout Cookies here, so I guess we're safe. Wow, pricey!

*ethan* said...

i'm pissed

Jen said...

Ashley, you have my full support.
If I'm going to eat a cookie, I want it to be good.
Soft, homemade, yummy good.
I think Girl Scout cookies are way over-rated (even if they weren't over-priced). I think people just say they love them because everyone else says they love them.
Good for you, for taking a stand.

Anonymous said...

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