Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Quick Rundown

Sorry I didn't have a great story all ready for the camping rundown. We/I had a great time. My kids played and played with all their friends. They were filthy and grubby but so happy. I enjoyed myself A LOT. I froze my ass off the first night and woke Rich up to make sure the baby wasn't frozen to death.  I think I would go camping again, especially with all the great friends that I got to spend my time with. We totally enjoyed the big camp fires, playing games, great food, a nice hike through HUGE trees (there are 2 pics in the past post-- Crewe walking through a tree and Dayne laying on a stump--huge trees), and just hanging out. Thanks guys for making me try something new.

We came home tired and relaxed on Sunday. On Monday night my mom came into town. When we pulled up to the curb, MY DAD was standing there too. I was so delightfully surprised. Last night we went to an A's baseball game. We are heading out to Six Flags this morning. Great times. 

My parents leave Friday at 6am.  Friday at 4pm I am leaving for a girls weekend in Tahoe.


 Camping life with friends - Enjoyable
Parents here- Fast paced and very fun
Upcoming Weekend-O-Girls


{natalie} said...

you've got the life sister.

glad you had a good time camping. ethan is trying to plan us a camping trip. the pics looks awesome

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Where do I sign up! What a fun, fun week!!

jody said...

Had such a great time!!!!! It was so different than when I come alone but of so fun!!
thanks for having us and letting Dad "wind the kids up"