Monday, June 09, 2008

Leapster Game

Dear Mom and Dad,

We had such a great time with you last week. We loved going to Six Flags, out to dinner, the farmers market, the A's game, preschool and shopping. Thanks for coming. We love you.

Ash, Rich and Kids

Ps Crewe LOVES his new Leapster game. He is taking it EVERYWHERE!


jody said...

We loved visiting and had such a good time.

Now I am glad that Cp is enjoying his new game but I can see why he is covering his eyes. He doesn't want anyone to know who it is...give him some privacy for Petes sake.

(pretty funny pic)

{natalie} said...

i want to go to the farmer's market.

brittany said...

i love that he is covering his eyes! i keep hearing those leapsters are great, maybe i'm going to have to invest in one.

emlizalmo said...

He sounds hilarious! Ashley...your kids are darling...I secretly check out your blog pretty first comment. I'm lame.