Friday, June 20, 2008

So busy having a Good Time

This week we have:

1. Been swimming almost every day. It is over 100 right now at 4pm.

2. I played BUNCO and sucked. Is there any talent behind this game?

3. Ate pizza 3 times+ 1 more time for the kids. NO.MORE.PIZZA

4. Played with friends and cousins. Thanks for coming over.

5. Sheared Crewe.

6. Tonight we going to play Guitar Hero and Wii at our lovely friends house. 

Life is Good.


jody said...

I was sure that I left a comment last night. It went something like this...
Life is Good and you do know how to have a fun time. Wish we could come swimming in your 100 degree weather.

brittany said...

what a cute picture of you and dayne. looks like fun.

{natalie} said...

sounds like a fun week to me. i have yet to swim this year!