Thursday, June 26, 2008

Binky Dip

* brother's cute kids. all binky lovers---not now but as babies*
I have this brother who has 4 kids. So he knows a lot about the tricks of parenting. One of his best tricks is a Binky-Dip. Aaron is the master of  the binky-dip. All of his children have enjoyed  the  binky-dipping. 

Definition of a Binky-Dip: Dip the Binky in the drink selection that is on the table. Or in extreme times the sauces on the table or maybe even soups. 

We never did the binky-dip with Crewe and last night we started it with Dayne. However, it backfired. 

We went to Chili's last night for a little family dinner. Dayne was really fussy and we were having a tough time keeping her happy.  Then binky-dip idea came to us. We happily dipped Dayne's pacifier in my Diet Coke.

Later her beloved pacifier fell under my bench. Rich retrieved the pacifier and all was well. As we loaded in car she was crying and Rich handed her a pacifier.

Me: Hey, that is not the pac that was under the disgusting bench on the grimmy floor.

Rich:Yeah, but I dipped in your Diet Coke. It's all good.


brittany said...

that is so funny! thanks for giving me a good laugh to start my day, although i'm sure not very funny to you..

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

That's HILARIOUS! What a funny story, but not for you. We had forgotten all about the binky dip!! In fact Aar just said how long it's been since a binky dip.

jody said...

That is SOOOOO funny! Jokes on you and now your baby is a hooked on coke.

Dave and Crissie said...

hahahaha - Too FUNNY!! I can just picture the looks on both of your faces as he is saying that.

KAP said...