Monday, September 22, 2008

Best Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend in Utah. We went to for my cousin, Krissy's wedding reception. It gave us the chance to see my ALL of my family. I got to see cousins that I have not seen in 7 years. It was a crazy and wonderful weekend. 

*Talking and laughing with Natalie and Natali.
* Seeing my children play with my brothers kids. Oh the fun.
* Eating at all the great places. Including cupcakes from Dear Lizzie (thanks Amy for the suggustion. Next time I am in UT WE will get together)
* The beautiful Mountains.
*Spending time with my parents.
* Laughing with my brothers.


{natalie} said...

I love all the pics! We has a great time too. No smart cookie mention? I am attempting the almond cookie this week for sure!!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Love all the pictures! What a very fun weekend! It was so great to see you guys!!

brittany said...

what a fun weekend! I love that you guys all got to be together. those are always the best times. so many cute pics of all those cute kiddos!

Jones Family said...

We are sorry we missed you but it looks like you had a great time. I wonder if I have the wrong e-mail/phone# for you b/c I left a couple of messages? Miss you!

Ted said...

Hmm, not seeing cousins in 7 years, sounds like me.

jody said...

It was so fun to be all together. Sorry you didn't have time for any friends, well not really because I felt like we hardly had enough time together. Love you tons