Wednesday, September 10, 2008


School started for us this week. Finally. Crewe has been feeling left out as all his little buddies started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. We decided to keep Crewe with us for 1 more year. It really is the best choice for us but the past couple of weeks have been a little bit....lame.

So on Monday I went with him to school. The parents are suppose to go and stay for the whole time. Crewe found me after 15 minutes and said, "Okay, Mom you can stay for ONE.MORE.MINUTE and then you have to go!" 

I guess he was ready for school. Me too.


jody said...

He is getting so big. Great idea to have him hold a piece of paper with all the info. I think he will have a great year and you will be glad that you didn't start him in school this fall.

brittany said...

hooray for school! i love that you printed out the date and his age for his first day of school picture. what a great idea!

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Looks like a great first day of school! I love that he told you to leave. You must have been cramping his style!

{natalie} said...

i love the paper idea. glad he likes school so much that he doesn't need you there!! see you soon crewe