Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Totally Judge a Book by the Cover

1. Want something super light and fluffy to read.

2.Go the library with 2 kids. One who wants a bag around her like her brother. Even though the bag is dragging on the floor.

3. The children section is at a sharp left as you go in the library. Spy the NEW RELEASE shelf to the right and see a book that you have been wanting to read (Take Back Your Family by Rev Run).  Grab it.

4. See another book. It is PINK and cute. It says the word, ROMANCE on the cover and maybe the word SHEET.

5. Chase kids around library. Finally pick out a couple of books and of course a movie (because he NEVER gets to watch TV at home)

6. Check out. Don't look at the books but make sure everyone has a books in their library bags.

7. Next day getting ready to leave for a Dr. appointment. Grab that cute chic lit book that you got from the library to read while waiting.

8. Actually read the cover of what you grabbed:

"Pure Romance in the Sheets"

then see the subtitle:
"A guide to your sexual self and how to pleasure your partner " or something like that. Open the book to make sure it isn't about a girl in New York,working a crappy job but trying to find love. 

Pleasuring Yourself is in bold.


*ethan* said...

Wow hot book or should I saw lucky rich or actually what I really am thinking...way to much info

jody said...

et was signed
maybe you should rethink how you choose your books :))))

brittany said...

i am laughing so hard right now. that is so something that would happen to me.

{natalie} said...

hahahaha! that is hysterical. perhaps you should read it?