Sunday, April 05, 2009

Egg Hunting Time

It is official. I love egg hunts. I do. I love planning them. I love buying things (candy and toys) to stuff the eggs. I love hiding the eggs. And I love watching the kids hunt for eggs.

Thanks guys. I had a great time on Friday.


jody said...

Happy Easter... Egg Head

Hide those eggs

{natalie} said...

did anyone find the eggs w/the chips in them?

egg hunts are fun, especially when money is involved.

Donna H. said...

My favorite part is stuffing the eggs while watching TV with John. We both sneak a few chocolates and accomplish a festive task!
Thanks for organizing the egg hunt- we had a great time!

brittany said...

i love easter egg hunts too! did you put the hunt on? i wish you could come to our egg hunt!