Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Rich!

37 Things about the Birthday Boy:

1. He was born a month late. 

2. He only weighed around 7 lbs.

3. Rich loves mint chocolate chip ice cream.

4. He sleeps on his stomach.

5. He thinks that he is really funny.

6. He is an great dad.

7. He tucks the kids in their beds  every night. 
8. Crewe goes to his side of the bed if they need something in the middle of the night.

9. He LOVES Dr. Pepper.

10. He also loves and eats daily, sunflower seeds.

11. He worships both of his  brothers , for different things.

12. He is a great wake boarder. 

13. He could be on the boat, everyday of his life.

14. In summer I have to fight him to wear sun screen.  15. Rich reads a lot. Mostly  Tom Clancy books or types like that. 

16,He likes it DEAD quite when he reads.

17. He loves Sports Center.

18. He is a great dresser.

19. Dress clothes are his choice to wear.

20. He does not like button down collars.

21. He is training for a bike ride to Yosemite.

22. He is a stud biker.

23. He is an adventures eater.
24. Although, he will always want hot dogs or cereal.

25. He is good at his job.

26. He is very smart.

27. He reads the paper everyday.

28. He also reads the Billings paper everyday, online.

29. He does not have a Facebook page or a blog.

30. He does not email.

31. He writes very thoughtful cards.

32. He is overly cautious of hurting peoples feelings.

33. He claims to not like video games but trust me. He likes them. He can't leave the Hockings, without playing, Lego Star Wars.

34. He is always looking for new shoes.

35. He follows recipes perfectly to the detail when he cooks. 

36, Then he  likes to add his own flare. He can't leave any recipe totally alone. 

37.He is very thoughtful and kind.

We love you Rich! Happy Birthday!!!,


Ethan said...

happy birthday Richard!!

Anonymous said...

so how old is he? 37?

Mary Vigil said...

Happy Birthday Rich! Great list Ash.

{natalie} said...

happy birthday rich! i hope you get to do something fun today...i do always think of you when i drink Diet DP. yum. oh there wasn't watches on the list...

Deborah said...

Awww..do you get extra brownie-points for this post? What a lovely tribute to your husband! Did he like it?

jody said...

Lots of cute pictures of the birthday boy! Happy Birthday DP and I think you forgot that he LOVES watches and YOU.

Natali, Aaron, & Boys said...

Happy Birthday Rich! Hope you have a great day!!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday Rich!! Wish I could have been there to say it in person.

(especially since it snowed here this week)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Rich!! You've always taken such good care of me. I miss you and wish I could have been there to celebrate. Love You!!!!

Trisha said...

Totally cute tribute to Rich...but what is up with 29 and 30. How does he not?