Thursday, April 30, 2009

the fall

Sunday night we came home from our long weekend away and we all were very tired. The kids were beyond tired. They were so good all weekend that they couldn't take it anymore. The demons in them bused out. They fought, the cried, they complained. We just need to feed them, bath them and then we will put them in bed, I told Rich. Our need for peace was strong and so we aimed to have them in bed by 6pm. Times were getting rough so we decided to throw them in the shower while our dinner cooked. Dayne cried the whole time in the shower. So finally it was time to get out and dayne slipped and fell. She hit her head on the slider part of the shower. 1. Blood everywhere. 2. much swearing from me. 3. Crewe freaking out. 4. I live with my in laws. Who were NOT home.

We decided for Rich to take Dayne to the ER and I would met them once I had Crewe somewhere. He needed to be distracted. Our good friends next door. NOT HOME. Rich left and I left with Crewe in my car. I called one of my best friends. Told her I was bringing her Crewe. She called back and said that she sent her husband to meet me half way. Thanks guys!

We spent the next 4 hours in the ER with Baby Dayne. She was so good and even about the whole thing. She had to get 4 stitches in her forehead. I stood in the hallway while the stitching was happening (this is why she has 2 parents). Then when it was done, I swooped in and saved her. :)

Our first trip for stitches for either of our kids. A dramatic milestone, one I hope we don't achieve very often.


Kelly said...

Poor, sweet girl. We have not had any stitches yet which is amazing with three boys. Dylan did split his head open once but Greg and his dad put it back together with super glue. Three plus years later the scar still looks good. Something only Greg would do, right?

Donna H. said...

Poor baby Dayne! I can't believe they stitched her! Tyler lucked out and had his forehead glued back together last year. And poor Mom and Dad! Four hours? That's a long time in the ER with a two year old! (I think Tyler's glue-forehead episode was only two hours.)

{natalie} said...

oh man, i had stitches in my eyebrow when i was little? my mom still talks about me screaming during it and her having to hold me down b/c the dr had to come in afterhours w/no nurse. i'm glad you got the hallway :) i am glad you have good friends to take care of you. she is still cute with a bandaid!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad the drama is over now. Poor baby and she was so good. Love that baby girl!!